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The Best Kept Secret for Fragrance- The Rare and Easy-to-Grow Tree Lily

By Laurelynn Martin and Byron Martin

Introduction: Tree Lily is a wonderfully fragrant shrub from the Dominican Republic that draws attention for its fragrance and form. The 10” white pendulous blooms hang from its lateral branches and emit a rich nighttime fragrance. A member of the Rubiaceae family, it is related to the well-known gardenia and coffee plants.

Blooms: Tree Lily blooms intermittently from spring to fall and plants begin to flower at a young age when only 2’ tall or less. Blooms appear on the lateral branches of mature growth with flowers lasting for up to a week.

Light Level: One of the nicest features about this plant for container gardeners is its adaptation to lower light levels, since it prefers partial sun or even bright, indirect light. Give it some direct sun but not high noon sun.

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