Black Pepper (Piper nigrum)- Growing this Culinary Spice for your Kitchen Table

By Laurelynn Martin and Byron Martin

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) is the most commonly used spice in the world and when paired with salt can be found on almost every Potted peppercorn planthousehold table in the United States. (The Ultimate Guide To Growing Black Pepper, April 2013). Black Pepper has known health benefits such as: it increases nutrient absorption, improves heart rate and blood pressure, promotes healthy cell growth and digestion, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and enhances the immune system. The beauty of the Black Pepper spice is that not much is needed to get the beneficial effects. (What is Black Pepper Good For? Jan. 2013, The plant, Piper nigrum is native to South India, loves the hot tropics and has been in cultivation for over 2,000 years.  In temperate climates, Black Pepper makes an excellent houseplant.

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For a complete listing of all Logee’s Black Pepper plants, click here. 


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