Blooming and Re-Blooming Orchids

Orchid flowering is induced by cultural and environmental stimuli, which occur cyclically throughout the year. Many Variegated Phalaenopsis Flora Gigi ‘Candy Stripe’ (Phalaenopsis hybrid)have a regular floweringcycle of bud initiation while others can re-flower off the initial flowering spike. Certain Phalaenopsis are a good example of orchids that re-bloom off old flower spikes.

Whether blooming or re-blooming an orchid, you first must have a healthy plant and a healthy root system. To determine a healthy root system, we look at the vigor of the plant. Are the leaves shiny and not shriveled? Is the newest pseudobulb (on orchids like Cattleya or Oncidium), plump and not shriveled? This would indicate that the plant is taking up water, and thus has an active root system… – Read more


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