Mid-Season Plant Care Tips For Full, Lush Growth

About this time in mid-July, slow release fertilizers and granular fertilizers that have been top-dressed are losing their effect and your plants may be looking yellow and lackluster. Lots of rain or heavy irrigation can also leach nutrients from the soil. Now is a good time to give your garden a fertilizer boost for full, lush growth and maximum flowering and fruiting

Guardian Gate Collection well-fertilized mid season

Guardian Gate Collection
well-fertilized mid-season

A good top-dressing of an organic fertilizer will last 4-6 weeks or a balanced slow-release fertilizer can last 8-12 weeks. We don’t recommend heavily fertilizing in late August because plants that are susceptible to root disease need to stop putting on soft leafy growth. Most citrus and gardenias, for example, have a root system that can be susceptible to root disease and it is important to “harden off” the growth before bringing them inside for the fall and winter.

Coffee plant, leaves are yellow, in need of feed.

Coffee plant, leaves are yellow, in need of feed.

Coffee plant with deep green leaves

Healthy coffee plant- Notice the deep green color of the leaves.

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