Logee’s Ponderosa Lemon Soap

Logee’s Ponderosa Lemon Soap is handcrafted by  local artisan, Julie Ignacio. She is the proprietor of Little House Homestead in our neighboring town of Brooklyn, CT. Her soaps are some of the best around. She uses milk from her goats, all natural ingredients, no detergents or petroleum. And yes, she makes our Logee’s Ponderosa Lemon soap from our famous “American Wonder Lemon.”

Lemon soap, one of Julie’s favorites, is renowned for its valuable properties. Lemon juice tones the skin, especially oily skin. It closes the pores and citric acid works as a mild exfoliant. Lemon also brightens the complexion, acts as a mild antiseptic and rejuvenates dull skin Plus, the fragrance is to die for.

Ponderosa Lemon Soap

The American Wonder Lemon- ‘Ponderosa’ (Citrus limon) growing in our Lemon Tree House since 1900.

The tree pictured has grown in the same spot for over 113 years and reliably produces lemons the size of footballs.  Here is Julie’s process of soap making.

2Logees Lemon

Ponderosa Lemon juice extracted

3Lemon juice ice cubes

An old-fashion glass juicer extracts the lemon juice.  Then, the juice goes into an ice-cube tray and frozen to keep the juice fresh for the soap making process.

5Drying peel and pulp

Dried lemon peels and pulp on Julie’s wood stove. After the drying,the peels and pulp get pulverized into a powder which will then be added to the soap mixture.

8Julie molding soap

Julie hand-shaping the lemon soaps.

12Julie Mink

A close up!

9Soap curing

First, curing the soap in blocks. Then the blocks are shaped into lemons and cured again. This process can take up to 6 weeks.

Curing is a beautifully fragrant affair!

Curing is a beautifully fragrant affair!

14wrapping the soap

Finally, each individual soap is wrapped and weighs in at 8 ounces.

15Ready for Market

Presented in a wooden box, the lemons are ready for market. They retail at $12.95 per soap.

16Ponderosa Lemon

A Ponderosa Lemon sits in front of the tray of lemon soaps. One lemon is plenty of juice and rind for a batch of 12 soaps.

17Julie delivering soap

Julie delivering other soaps to our Retail store. These soaps are between 4-5 ounces and retail for $6.95 a soap.

18Handcrafted soap

She custom makes many soaps for us, which we are so grateful for. She has perfected Byron’s Honey soap and beautiful lavender and herb soaps.

Please stop into our Retail store and try Julie’s soaps. We are hoping to offer Logee’s Ponderosa Lemon Soap to our Mail-order customer’s this fall. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed that enough soap will be cured by the Holiday season.


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  1. Zulmarie sosa

    Hello I wanted to let you that I enjoy your soap. I would also like to know if they will be available for an online purchases.

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