Logee’s Holds Fond Memories for 75 Year-Old


This morning, we had a visit from an older gentleman, Ted Dumaine, who used to work in our greenhouses. The 75-year-old said “I’ve been meaning to stop by Logee’s for the last 40 years. It holds fond memories for me.”

ImageAmy, Tiffany and I were captivated by the history he was sharing. They stopped moving out the petunias for Mother’s Day weekend so we could listen to Ted.

Image“I worked here when I was ten-years-old. I was paid 10 cents and hour.” He chuckles and said, “I only had to work two hours on a Saturday morning, then I would have enough money to buy a ticket for the movies that afternoon.”


The Ponderosa Lemon Tree, Known as “The American Wonder Lemon” in the 1940’s.

Meetings or not, I decided it would be a great adventure to show Ted how the placed looked now. He wondered if the big lemon plant was still growing in the greenhouse. Our first stop was the Ponderosa Lemon Tree, no longer called a plant. I told him the brief history about how it was brought here on Horse and Buggy and originally came from Philadelphia.

Image“Amazing” Ted said, as he looked up at the big tree pushing it’s branches into the greenhouse ceiling. “We used to laugh as kids, because we couldn’t understand, who would want to buy lemons!”


One of his fondest memories was that the three Logee brothers; Richard,Roger and Ernest used to entrust Ted with a request every October. They would tell him to make sure no one broke the glass.

“Why would the glass get broken?” I asked.

“Halloween and boys throwing rocks.”   Ted reached up overhead as we talked and touched the ceiling of the greenhouse. “Still glass?”


Yes, it is still a glass-covered greenhouse. You did a good job Ted! Thank you for taking care of the place. He worked for three years and was raised to 25 cents an hour until child labor laws intervened, but he said his training and love for Logee’s was invaluable for his future career.

I was so happy to meet Ted and get some first hand Logee History. And as we talked further, I became more amazed at the interconnectedness of plants, people and Logee’s.  I found out that Ted’s niece, Kathy Dumaine Savage, is still to this day my 14 year-old daughter’s favorite teacher. And that her father, Duke Dumaine (Ted’s older brother), worked at Logee’s as well. But word has it that Duke  was making 50 cents and hour. Ted was surprised by this, but was going to find out. Let us know when you do Ted and don’t wait another 40 years before you see us again!


The Ponderosa Lemon Tree today! The Lemons ripen around December and January and can weigh as much as 5 pounds. 

In celebration of our 120th year- If you have a story that you would like to share with us about Logee’s. Please email me at Laurelynn@logees.net


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  1. Fond memories of working for Mr Logee, mowing his lawn and delivering his sunday paper. Can still remember the wonderful smells and sights of the greenhouse and spending the proceeds at Ernies Grocery. (1976)

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