March Blooms At Logee’s Greenhouses

Here is what’s in bloom at Logee’s this month. Many of these mother plants can be grown at home in containers inside during the winter and then moved outside onto a patio or in a garden for the warm weather of summer.

Come take a look.

Front entrance

Thunbergia Grandiflora in full bloom.

Variegated Bread fruit at the bottom of the stairs, tucked in by the trickling Water Fountain.

We grow a rare variety of Yellow Coffee Beans, in fruit in the Long House.

Scarlet Leadwort (Plumbago indica), another flower in full bloom at the foot of the stairs.

Royal Jasmine, one of the most popular Jasmines we grow.

Succulent Dish Gardens, easy to grow and require very little water.

Always lots of Succulent dish gardens ready for gift giving.

Ponderosa Lemon blossom

Ponderosa Lemon, this one is about the size of a baseball.

Pink Powder Puff or calliandra emarginata always has a mesmerizing presence.

Another angle of pink powder puff amongst its sharply cut foliage.

New Zealand Tea bush- a wall ablaze with tiny red blooms.

A close-up also known as Leptospermum scoparium 'Ruby Glow'

Visitors from Blithewod Gardens, Gail Reed, garden manager on right and Kris Green, interpretive horticulturist on left.

Tree Tomato, easy to grow and the fruit has a sweet custardy flavor, in our "Big House"

Marmalade Plant (Streptosolen jamesonii) Bright orange flowers at the end of a bleak winter is a great sight!

Passion Flower 'Piressi'-Flower buds getting ready to open.

Just a few feet away, here is Passiflora Piressi in full bloom.

Juvenile Jade flower buds hang in a long strand. They will not open for another week or two.

Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) just opening with its unique turquoise flowers.

The rare Jade Vine in full bloom, showing off its long chain of flowers.

This strand has been in bloom for almost a month and is at the end of its flowering cycle.

Here is a short Video of Byron Martin, Logee’s horticulturist talking about the Jade Vine.

Genista Canariensis close-up

Genista Canariensis- Canary Island Broom- This is delightfully fragrant and makes an excellent standard.

Another treat to see - the Fire Lily.

Hibiscus 'The Path' is in bloom in a four-inch pot.

Dwarf Jamaican Heliconia stricta- These Flowers last for months.

Fig in winter dress outside of our Begonia House.

Inside the Begonia House, warm and welcoming.

LIttle Brother Montgomery Begonia

Another shot of the Begonia House where we keep all of our mother Begonia plants.

Our new propagation range, still looking bleak outside.

Inside our propagation range, Laurie, our Begonia grower, is tending her crop.

We have lots of varieties of Camellias. This lovely soft pink one is called Camellia 'Pearl Maxwell'



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4 responses to “March Blooms At Logee’s Greenhouses

  1. doris schaefer

    Totally enjoyed the presentation, I can smell your greenhouses! Hopefully I will be up to see you this spring..

  2. Lisa Moore

    Im soooo excited!!!! I have been looking for a Ponderosa Lemon Tree for almost 20yrs and I just ordered 2 of them!!!! I cant wait to get them!!!! My mother has had one for almost 35 years!!!!

  3. The Pink Powder Puff is stunning!

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