Wintering Over Your Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpets are known for their spectacular floral shows every year. Their long tubular, nighttime fragrant flowers enchant all who gaze upon them. In the instructional video below we show a six-year old Angel’s Trumpet called ‘Cherub’, a brugmansia hybrid which produces an abundance of blush-pink flowers. We  cut-back ‘Cherub’ every year and winter it over and every summer it grows out in a 36-inch pot to a magnificent floral.



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7 responses to “Wintering Over Your Angel’s Trumpet

  1. Dana

    really learn a lot from yall! Thank yu so much!

  2. Lorri H.

    My Cherub is almost 5 feet tall and I’d like to cut it down to about half it’s current height. Is it OK to cut down the trunk too?

  3. Debbie

    I loved the video and of course your company. I would love to come visit your greenhouses but I live in Ohio and you are far away. I am an Ohio Master Gardener and helped give a class on houseplants and I took your book and catalog with me.

  4. Lisa Steinkopf

    Your video was great and very informative. I agree that the biggest problem is remembering that it is in the basement and checking on it occasionally. Thanks for the great information.

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