Rainy Day at Logee’s

We have been in desperate need of rain for our plants and the last three days have rained non-stop. The large elephant ear ‘Thai Giant’ is just beautiful in the rain with its pooling of raindrops.

Elephant Ear (Colocasia 'Thai Giant')

Our 'Thai Giant' Elephant Ear plant loves water for increased growth.

'Thai Giant'

The large leaves effortlessly collect water.




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4 responses to “Rainy Day at Logee’s

  1. I can’t find a staghorn fern. Are they growing out of popularity? I have had several in the past and they don’t take up floor space. Do you have any? Jo

  2. Yes, we offer a staghorn fern (bifurcatum) in a 4 inch pot for $12.95. They are amazing plants that become long time friends. Go to our website http://www.Logees.com and type in staghorn fern in the search bar. Thanks

  3. ann gleave

    what is an oasis tray? I bought trailing geraniums this season, they started out so slow I was dissapointed but then wow! they are very prolific, thank you Logees!

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