Tropical Hibiscus- A Swirl of Color

At Logee’s, we have an extensive collection of Tropical Hibiscus. Simply put, you can grow these floral beauties in your home year-round. Most of the varieties we grow are everbloomers and this week they were blooming their heads off – one after another with rich colors and swirls of delight!

Caring for Hibiscus is easy. If you are not in Zone 10, then you will need to bring your Hibiscus inside when the weather drops below 60 degrees F. Otherwise, grow in full sun and give a balanced fertilizer once a week. Interpreted that means use 7-9-5 or 15-15-15 and give 1/4 tsp. per gallon of water during the highest light of summer.


As day length shortens and the weather isn’t as warm cut down on the fertilizer frequency. So maybe every other week in the fall and then when winter comes, stop feeding altogether. Unless of course you are able to grow these tropical hibiscus in warm year-round weather. Then, keep up with fertilizing regularly.


Hibiscus 'High Voltage'

Hibiscus 'High Voltage' - The deep burgundy center and soft pink to dusky lavendar rings demand attention.

One final tip: Bring the soil to visual dryness before watering. If you grow these outside for the summer, remember that they are also susceptible to white fly and spider mite and you may have to treat them when they come back inside for the fall and winter.


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  1. marilyn blasetti

    Do you have any black dragon? You also have another one similar !

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