Making Mixed Containers Over Memorial Day Weekend

There’s nothing better than making mixed containers over the long weekend and then enjoying them all season long as they grow out and fill in. We work on two different principles when making mixed containers.

First is the dramatic look- Fine Gardening magazine once called it the Thriller, the Filler and the Spiller.

Second is the Combination look. This is simply choosing plants that have a color combination that you like, a texture that is pleasing and plants with the same cultural requirements, such as light level and rate of growth.

 Overall, Mixed containers are fun to make and exciting to watch as the summer unfolds. Remember to fertilize regularly during the height of the growing season.


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One response to “Making Mixed Containers Over Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I* tried to grow cuttings on the oasis float like you suggested in the blog .after 2 wks there were some leaves trying to sprout.but suddenly they blackened and the entire stem became black and died .Please help!!

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