>Summer Wall Climbers

>Byron Martin’s three favorite summer wall climbers: Schisandra berry (Schisandra chinensis), “Goji Berry” (Lycium barbarum ‘Crimson Star’), and “Hops” (Humulus lupulus ‘Williamette’). All three are extremely easy to care for and are growing side by side at Logee’s. Also, they are hardy perennials so once established on a wall or lattice, they will come back year after year and produce delicious berries and flowers.

Pictured here is the Schisandra vine growing on a lattice. This chinese herb is said to increase and balance body energy or chi.

The vine flowers in April and May followed by berries.

Here are the green berries in the beginning of July.

By the end of August they will ripen to clusters of bright red and this beneficial berry will be ready to eat.

The “Goji Berry” vine is Hardy to Zone 5.

“Goji Berries” will form the first year.

The ripe “Goji Berries” are a super food and will grow and ripen from August to October. They are sweet and delicious whether eaten off the vine or sun-dried and saved for later.

“Hops” is a fast growing hardy perennial.

This vine at Logee’s is two-years old and by the first of July has already reached the top of the lattice.

The fragrant flowers bloom in abundance from female plants.

We grow ‘Williamette’ an aromatic variety which is one of the most favored hops for pale ales, brown ales or UK style ales.

Grow all three vines on support in full sun. Feed during the active growing season and be prepared for a delicious harvest at the end of the growing season.


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