>How To Assemble Logee’s Sunrise Succulent Collection

>Succulents are a great way to bring color, form and texture to your indoor garden. Our Logee Sunrise Succulent Collection is comprised of 5 different succulents and then arranged in a way that makes an eye-catching statement!

Our Greenhouse manager, Rick Logee, loves
growing succulents. He says, “They are easy-to-grow, and only need water every other week or so.” What about light level? “Grow them in
full sun and in the summer, take them outside on a deck or patio for the strongest light.”

Follow the video instructions below to create your own
Logee Sunrise Succulent
Collection. You will receive in the mail five plants, clay saucer and soil.

The five plants that make up the Collection are: Euphorbia ‘Firesticks’ shown growing in trays with red-tipped ends, “Variegated String of Buttons” (Crassula perforata), “Watch Chain” (Crassula lycopodiodes), Anacampseros ‘Sunrise’- the pink-blushed low grower, and Echeveria

‘Black Prince’- the dark rosette-shaped plant.

Click on the arrow below to play the instructional video.



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