>Logee’s on Facebook and Twitter

>Whoo Hoo…Logee’s is on facebook and twitter. Yes, this year 2010 we are exploring all the social networking. Logee’s is over 118 years old and change is sometimes difficult.

Well, we are changing with the times, at least a little bit. If you want to follow us on facebook and be a fan, click on our facebook link. When you get to Logee’s facebook simply click on Become a Fan. If you want little tweets (up to 146 characters) about sales, new items, visitors, etc, then click on our twitter link.
Here’s Ashley our Customer

Service Supervisor taking on the task of keeping us current on Facebook and Twitter.
We are learning all about how to reach people in a way that is convenient and useful. If you want blogs, you are in the right place. We’re committed to blogging at least once a week,
but don’t worry we will keep the “Secret Garden” aspect of Logee’s the same. We don’t want to get to far away from the natural world. Plus part of

the intrigue of Logee’s is walking through the the narrow aisles, looking for the secret door that leads into the next greenhouse where little plants and big mother plants all grow side by side. Notice the tray of trichodiadema densumin bloom today and the archway into one of our retail greenhouses covered with a ficus vine. Enjoy!!


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